Aaricia Ponnet is a young, multi-talented dancer and first set foot in India when she was only four years old. Since then, she has built up a strong bond with the Indian art forms.


She has studied as an ICCR Kathak Dance Scholar under the guidance of her Guru Shila Mehta in Mumbai. She is continuing to receive training in Kathak nuances from her in Guru Shishya parampara. She is trained in authentic traditional Rajasthani folk dances like Kalbeliya, Terah Thaali, Ghoomar and Chari dance by Maya Sapera a renowned Kalbeliya expert in Belgium.


In Belgium, She is one of the driving forces behind the Maya Sapera Company, performing in and producing several professional stage productions like ‘Women Speak, inspired by Mahasati’, ‘A Special Blend’, ‘Taal’, ‘Khan Brothers & Maya Sapera’, Aaricia is an enthusiastic and experienced dance teacher. She teaches Kalbeliya, Kathak, and Bollywood for more than 10 years on a regular basis in Belgium.